Strangers #4


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Strangers Issue #4 is deluxe sized 68 pages features the following:
The Editor’s Brain Dump
Introduction and The Editor’s Brain Dump
In Search of Ragne Naess by John Coats *FIRST ENGLISH INTERVIEW*
Mister Miracle Escapes From Hell by Brian A. McCray
Welcome To The Jungle: A First Look At The Humans Volume 3
Memory Burn By Jake Machen
But Wait...Don’t Forget About: Tale of One Bad Rat
Trash Manifesto By Bryce Martin
My Dumb Life In Hell: Hyena Hell and David Moses
New Haven: Port of Doom by Aude Jomini & Eben Kling
Jungleland Part 2 by Adam Falp
It Came From The Dollar Bin Vol 4 By Benjamin Marra
In Defense of Val & Judy By Cam Del Rosario
Alanzo Sneak by Nate Garcia
Manga I Recommend: Swallowing The Earth By Frank Gidlewski
Mail Call Reviews
Matt Lesniewski: In A World All His Owns

First Printing: 150 copies (SOLD OUT)
Second Printing: 100 copies (SOLD OUT)
Third Printing: 100 copies (SOLD OUT)
Fourth Printing: 100 copies

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Strangers #5
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