Strangers #2


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Strangers Issue 2 featuring the following:
- The Modern King of Outlaw: An Interview With Alex Delaney
- A Norx Tail by Adam Yeater
- It Came From The Dollar Bin Vol 2 with Corey Corcoran
- Starchie and Friends Meet The Gods by Jaimie Filer
- Mail Call Review
- Daredevil: The Man Without Fear By Jasper Jubenvill
- From France With Love: An Interview With Geof Darrow
- Sunshine Strips by Harry Nordlinger
- Patrick Ian Rooks and The Future of Celery Stalks
- Flame Ape 2020 By Gregory Giordano

All orders come with in a poly-bag with free Strangers sticker!

First Printing- 150 copies
Second Printing- COMING SOON

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Remember Their Names
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